Vera Dehle-Thälmann, née Gabel-Thälmann

Chemical laboratory assistant, pharmaceutical engineer, insurance advisor for the German Pension Insurance Association

Daughter of Irma Gabel-Thälmann (November 6th, 1919 - December 10th, 2000), Ravensbrück: September 29th / September 30th, 1944, then subcamp in Neubrandenburg until April 29th, 1945

Granddaughter of Rosa Thälmann (March 27, 1890 - September 21, 1962), Ravensbrück: September 27, 1944 - April 28, 1945 and Ernst Thälmann (April 16, 1886 - August 18, 1944, murdered in Buchenwald concentration camp)

Spokeswoman for the German camp community Ravensbrück / Freundeskreis e. V. (LGRF), member of the IRK since 2020

Vera Dehle-Thälmann, Foto: J. Bochat
Vera Dehle-Thälmann, Foto: J. Bochat

Vera Dehle-Thälmann was born on June 6, 1959 in Berlin. After high school and distance learning, she worked as a pharmaceutical engineer in a chemical company and later in a pharmacy. In 1993, through her trade union work through the social elections, she was elected as insurance advisor for the German Pension Insurance Association and continues to do this advisory activity to this day. Until the death of her mother, Irma Gabel-Thälmann, on December 10, 2000, she supported her commitment to the Ernst Thälmann Memorial-Ziegenhals, in Hamburg and also for Ravensbrück. She took part in the preparations and organized events of the Ravensbrück Freundeskreis eV camp community, such as the anniversary of the liberation of the Ravensbrück concentration camp and also thematic annual meetings of the Ravensbrück Freundeskreis eV camp community. a forgotten generation, the "scientific book by Henning Fischer and the book by Petra Betzien" Nurses in the system of the National Socialist concentration camps ". They took part in various events and workshops on the subject of the 2nd and 3rd generation. Vera Dehle-Thälmann was and is in constant contact with the Ravensbrück Memorial. Since she has been spokeswoman for the LGRF, she and the members have continued to seek a seat on the Brandenburg Memorials Advisory Board. Vera Dehle-Thälmann received this seat in summer 2019. Before that, she was Eva Bäckerova's companion on the advisory board from 2015-2017.