The International Ravensbrück Committee welcomes every donation to support its work.

The International Ravensbrück Committee (IRK) is an association of former prisoners of the Nazi concentration camp Ravensbrück and its satellite camps. It has existed for more than 60 years.

The membership was originally made up of survivors of the concentration camp, some of whom are still represented on the committee.

Increasingly, the daughters and sons / or grandchildren of former prisoners of the concentration camp are continuing their work in the committee for the preservation of the memory of the women of Ravensbrück.

Most of the members of the International Committee are also members of their national associations and other national associations.

The IRK is registered as an association in Paris. It works purely on a voluntary basis and is only supported by donations and donations, which have unfortunately been on the decline in recent years. In order to continue our important work effectively on a national and international level, we urgently need further donations.

Our donation account at BNP PARIBAS Paris is:

IBAN: FR 76 3000 4005 7400 0018 3210 573 BIC: BNPAFRPPXXX

Donation receipts can be issued in the respective national language.