Dominique VILLARD

Born in Paris, Eldest of 8 children. After-war childhood in poor living conditions, due to the war. Social Worker. (Case Work). Married to an Indian Engineer. 3 children. One granddaughter. Retired since 2008.

Daughter of Denise ROUSSEAU-VILLARD (born 30.01.1920)

Dominique Villard
Dominique Villard

Dominique Villard was born in Paris, 18.03.1947, as the eldest of eight children. After-war childhood in poor living conditions, due to the war, she worked as a Social Worker. (Case Work). She is married to an Indian Engineer. They have 3 children and one granddaughter. She is retired since 2008.

Dominique is a daughter of Denise ROUSSEAU-VILLARD, who was a member of the Resistance, same network as Jacqueline FLEURY and Genevieve de GAULLE.

Taken to Germany by deportation convoy on august 15th, 1944. Ravensbrück, Königsburg /Oder, Rechlin, Ochsenzoll camps. Totally mutic concerning her Resistance, Gestapo questioning, and deportation: for being arrested, her father, sister and young brother were consequently arrested and deported too. Her father died in a convoy from Buchenwald to Dachau.

Denise ROUSSEAU-VILLARD is still alive. She was 100 years old on last (2020) January 30th, and rather well. She is more talkative with her grandchildren about her war past.

Dominique was member of former “les amis de l’ADIR “ (Resistant Deported and Interned Women Association). Later on, in 2006, after the breaking up of ADIR by her last president, Jacqueline FLEURY, she was co-founder with Claude du GRANRUT of the SFAADIR (Families and Friends of ADIR Society).

SFAADIR joined CIR-CRK 5 years ago. The annual CIR congress is a moving meeting for all ladies coming from many various countries of Europe. Sorority is really impressive.